“Hemp”; a common English term used to describe high growing varieties of the cannabis plant, has numerous nutritional benefits. It is an amazing plant source that surprisingly provides a perfect ratio of essential oils that are good for health and vitality. Furthermore these Cannabis seeds contain many essential amino acids and essential fatty acids that are generally required for a healthy human lifestyle.

There has been evidence that essential fatty acids (found in hemp) are responsible for our immune response. This fact has been researched by Mr. R. Hamilton (ED.D, Ph.D.) Medical Researcher-Biochemist U.C.L.A. Emeritus when in his studies he said

“In the old country the peasants ate hemp butter. They were more resistant to disease than the nobility. The higher classes wouldn’t eat hemp because the poor ate it.”

There are many reasons where this may have been the case and among them is that:

  • Hemp seeds have a higher content of essential fatty acids above any other plant
  • Hempseed oil is lowest among saturated fats at 8% of total oil volume
  • The oil pressed from hempseed contains 55% linoleic acid (LA) and 25% linoleic acid. Only flax oil has more linoleic acid at 58%, but hempseed oil is the highest in total essential fatty acids at 80% of total oil volume.

Hemp seeds are a good addition to diet because the essential fatty acids in them are also necessary for governing growth, vitality, and the state of mind. In order for this to happen LA and LNA’s (which are modified versions of RNA and/or RNA which have modified nucleotides) need to run their course so they can produce life energy from the food we consume and regulate in throughout our bodies. In addition to that they play a part in transferring oxygen in the air to the lungs. These processes are successful because they are slippery strands that do not clog arteries and are ones that do not interfere with other body processes.

Also they attain a negative charge which gives them a tendency to form very thin surface layers. This property is called ‘surface activity’, and it provides the power to carry substances like toxins to the surface of the skin, intestinal tract, kidneys and lungs where they can be removed.

The astonishing factor in these seeds is that this immensely positive effect is protected by nature. The seeds’ inner core which has this effect is covered by a natural shell that keeps all of its beneficial ingredients enclosed in the seed. In addition to that the outer shell is edible as well so there are minimal chances of a person not getting the full use of this ingredient.

There are many ways of consuming this product and among them are:

  • Adding to granola or trail mixes
  • Grounding to make a paste (The paste would look like peanut butter but in taste would have a delicate flavor)
  • Baking them into breads, cakes or casseroles

By consuming these seeds in many of the above listed ways people are actually preventing cardiovascular diseases. Promising studies have shown that the result of these cardiovascular diseases are related to fatty degeneration caused by the continued over-consumption of saturated fats and refined vegetable oils which turn essential fatty acids into carcinogenic killers. This is the exact opposite result of what a nutritious hempseed consumption provides.

In addition to all of these duties Hemp Seeds provide the protein which contains certain amino acids to maintain health in the body. These products provide the necessary nutrition to make human serum albumin and serum globulins like the immune-enhancing gamma globulin antibodies.

The central idea is that the body should be able to produce a massive amount of antibodies to fend off attacks that aim to reduce health in normal human processes. If the above mentioned material is in short supply the body does not have the energy or in other words the resources to fend off attacks like this because they are in too short of an amount to fend of the attacking sickness. The best way to ensure that this amino acid material is in abundant supply in the consumption of theses cannabis seeds. The Hempseed protein is 65% globulin Edestin and includes quantities of albumin, so its easily digestible protein is readily available in a form quite similar to that found in blood plasma.

Overall, the astonishing ratio of essential oils and essential fatty acids in these cannabis seeds are efficient in providing a nutritious diet that prepares your immune system to fend of many problems and diseases in the foreseeable future.