Marijuana’s medicinal uses can be traced back to the time of a Chinese Emperor, Shen Neng who reigned in 2737 B.C. In his time cannabis tea was taken as a treatment of gout, rheumatism, malaria and even poor memory, wrote a professor of phycology at the State University of Albany who researches drugs and addiction in “Understanding Marijuana: A New Look at the Scientific Evidence”. The marijuana plant itself consists of more than 500 chemical compounds. Researchers have found THC, the main cannabinoid and CBD as beneficial active ingredients. They believe that these two substances work together to effect on receptors of the human body and reduce inflammatory pain.

Originally the drug’s use as a medicine spread through Asia and the Middle East and India where Hindu sects used it as a stress reliever and a quick method of pain relief.

The importance of this cannot be understated because its use as a medicine was quite essential to its users and was noted that it did not have any negative side effects. The cases in which this statement proved to be untrue was when the drug was misused and people where around it smoke for a very long period of time.

Despite the amount of historical background marijuana’s medicinal uses has, many people still doubt the logic behind it. The root thought that marijuana may have therapeutic effects is originated from solid science because Marijuana contains 60 active ingredients. The body eventually makes its own forms of cannabinoids, as mentioned above and the active ingredients intend to relieve inflammatory pain.

Because of medicinal marijuana’s various benefits, its core values seem to be extending into the city of Vancouver. The city started with less than a dozen marijuana dispensaries in the past couple of years and the number has shot up to about 80 dispensaries. This may be the cause of the rapid demand of the drug and more awareness about its uses.

Activists say that Vancouver is now home to relatively half the dispensaries in Canada and they realize that its effect should not be understated. They believe that this drug is natural and have faith if Canada’s future prospects would adhere legalization.

As this topic is discussed more and more the common issue of youth and marijuana is brought up many times. Many parents have protested to achieve the right that Marijuana dispensaries should not be within 300 meters of schools or between each other.

This concept can be justified in parents views because they do not want their children exposed at a young age. On the other hand it is beneficial to those who see its overall benefits and are willing to spread more awareness about the subject.